Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How to be a clown and love it!

1. Enjoy playing with kids and have lots of energy!

I think she is going to get me with that sword!

2. Dress colourful and exciting!
I can't decide, stripes or spots, why not both!

3. Get some good quality face paint and learn from the online tutorials.
She knows what to do!

4. Learn some balloon twisting from the online tutorials.
What is orange and tall?

5. Have a portable speaker and get some party tunes. You also need it to play games like musical statues.
See my speaker on the ground?

6. Remember that when some kids are cheeky, to give them 3 warnings then a time out. Overall this is far better than any corporate job I had! Yipee!
My clown mentor gave me this handmade ruffle and a lot of great tips!

I am based in Sydney and will travel to surrounding areas.  Feel free to ask me any questions. Keep smiling from Ritza the Clown!

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