Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hula hoop circus parties are popular with tweens!

The children will love their hula hoop party favour! You can buy cheap ones from department stores or order strong, handmade hoops by your local hoop maker or performer.

There are so many hoop games that can be played!

1. Crawling through a tunnel of hoops (as in the above picture)
2. Musical hoops which is like musical chairs.
3. Hoop races (rolling the hoop the furthest or hooping and running at the same time)
4. Hoop guess - children take turns either by themselves or with friends where they create a shape and the others guess what it symbolises.

Some glitter designs are a nice change from face painting especially for tweens who are a bit older.

Make random patterns or animals like this free handed elephant blowing water below

From the left we have a portable speaker; water tattoos; spinning plates; face paint and hula hoops in various sizes. The larger and heavier they are, the easier it is to learn!

Here is the birthday girl with her custom made hula hoop by me!

If you live in Sydney or close by, I can make your child's birthday party a hooptacular event!

Also, I can bring plenty of hoops in my hoop truck.

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